Cascina Grassi


  • Coordinates
    for navigation system (GoogleEarth):
    44° 38′ 28.51” N / 8° 17′ 23.83” E




by car

San Gottardo

  • A5 Karlsruhe/Basel
  • cross the border at Basel
  • direction of Lucerne E 35/San Gottardo (weather permitting, taking the road over the Alps is worthwhile)
  • Lugano E35, passing Bellinzona
  • after lake Lugano (Lago di Lugano) take the exit -> Varese /Stabio
  • always follow the signs towards Varese beyond the border crossing at Gaggiolo,
  • then follow the directions to the motorway, getting on at Gazzada -> direction of Milano
  • at the interchange take the direction of -> Gravellona T. just before Gravellona T. take another crossing towards A 26 Genoa/Alessandria
  • on the A26 take the exit -> Alessandria Sud
  • from there follow the directions to Acqui Terme
  • in Acqui Terme continue towards Savona up to Bistagno in Bistagno, turn right across the railway tracks (1. signpost to Bubbio) follow the road in Bistagno, taking a strong left turn,
  • from there keep going towards Bubbio street indications at Bistagnobefore Bubbio center, turn left towards -> Reg. Grassi across the bridge, following the road until you reach a T-junction
  • turn left and continue until– after approx. 4 min. of high altitude, bended road – you see the old white (school) building -> turn left here;(A26)
  • on the left hand side is an old cottage and just opposite -> enter the driveway towards CASCINA GRASSI
  • We look forward to welcoming you at the Grassi Manor! Benvenuti!