has become a tradition and been upgraded to a “sports” activity

Boccia, also called “petanca” is played in many Piedmontese villages under open skies.

Hiking can be done everywhere, along the vineyards and through forests, over hills and along rivers or through villages, at different grades of difficulty, matching your physical fitness. The regional tourist offices provide information about various trekking tours, guided gourmet walks and hikes. The guide book by Lisa Bahnmueller (in German) “Hike and experience southern Piedmont” describes a 4 1/2 hour hiking tour that passes through Bubbio. Plus 29 other, well-thought through tours and walks. Highly recommended!

There are 18 golf courses throughout Piedmont. (We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information and addresses on request.)

Making the hills by bike…

From a guest’s quote: “Terrific panoramic view, turns and bends in profusion; getting back to the cascina fulfilled and ridden dizzy, happily letting the day come to end.”

Horse riding farms, equestrian excursions…The regional tourist offices provide information on numerous horseriding opportunities, existing also around Bubbio.

In the rivers of the Alto Monferrato: trout…



Wine tasting – or everything you ever wanted to know about wines. The making of wine–from vines to barrel development: museums and workshops offer countless opportunities for wine lovers and experts.

e.g. Cheese Dairies, Food Markets…

Castles, towers and old ruins are the main characteristics of the hills around the Monferrato and Langhe provinces. Discover and explore ruins on your walks; castles can usually be visited.


Cultural Events

We will mention just a few events here which are held throughout the year and easily accessible. There are innumerable feasts and fairs, both culinary and cultural, in the vicinity of Langhe and Monferrat – best to ask us prior to departure or on site!


Each year, on the second Sunday in March the “Sagra del Pollentissimo” is held in Monastero.


On the first Sunday following Easter a similar Pollentone” event is held in Bubbio-a major “spettaculum” celebrating, amongst other culinary treats, the “pollenta” (tasty corn semolina)


In May (usually the first Sunday) another Italian speciality, the risotto, is celebrated in Sessame with appropriate wines to go.
Another event in May is the historic horse race (Cavalcata Aleramica) staged in Acqui Terme, commemorating the wild horse ride of the legendary Margrave Aleramo.

Another event in Mayim Mai An international Antique Trade Fair is also held in May (every other year 2002, 2004,…) in the old stables of the Savoyan Cavalry of Saluzzo.


In honour of its patron saint S. Giovanni, Torino celebratesthe 24th of June, beginning on the eve with parades, knights games and fireworks.


“Vignale Danza,” an international meeting point of the dance and ballet scene, is held during two weeks in July in Vignale Monferrato.


At the end of August the “kermes” of nuts–fiesta della nocciola–takes place in Cortemilia.


In early September, Asti is the venue of the major wine fair Douja d´Or.’

On the 2nd Sunday in September, Asti celebrates the “festival delle sagre.” More than 40 participating villages of the province present their culinary specialties on the Piazza Alfieri.

At the “Settembre Musica” festival during three weeks theaters, churches and the banks of the Po river in Torino become the scene of musical presentations of every kind.

In mid-September, Cortemilia is home to the International Music Competition ‘Premio V.Caffa.’


October marks the beginning of the truffle season. The “fiera nazionale del tartufo”, national truffle fair, is held each Sunday in October, with many accompanying events in and around Alba.


Closing the truffle feast season in November (last weekend) is the “Fiera di Tartufo” in Asti, at the Piazza San Secondo.