A small village of roman origin

Bubbio is a small village dating back to Roman times, with approximately 1,000 inhabitants. It is located 10 km south of Canelli, in the “Langa Astigiana”, where the rougher hills of the “Alta Langa” softly merge into the “Monferrato.” The old village center is well maintained and worthwhile a visit. An 18th century baroque parish church and an old palazzo on a hill skirted by cherry trees lend this quiet village its character. The recently renovated townhall housing the tourist information office is also worth seeing, as is the octagonal San Grato church.

All necessary foodstuffs are available in Bubbio, meats and cheese, bread and fresh pasta. A money bank, pharmacy and general practitioner’s are all on site. According to a current copy of Slow Food (Italy’s most beautiful restaurants-see Piedmont >literature) the Pasticceria Andrea e Franco’ on “Piazza del Pallone” makes the best ‘ammarettini’ far and away, and–at least we think–even better chocolate cream than Nutella (!). A number of celebrations are held throughout the year (Pollentone!) and the little alleys, the Boccia course, an espresso bar and a small streetside cafe invite the visitor for a stroll through the village.



  • Cascina Grassi ca. 4 km
  • Monastero ca. 3 km
  • Cessole ca. 10 km
  • Cortemilia ca. 20 km
  • Acqui Terme ca. 15 km
  • Alba ca. 40 km
  • Asti ca. 40 km
  • Turin ca. 90 km
  • Genua ca. 80 km

  • Sea ca. 80 km
  • Rom ca. 600 km
  • Düsseldorf ca. 1’000 km
  • Basel ca. 480 km
  • Freiburg ca. 600 km
  • Stuttgart ca. 650 km
  • Lugano ca. 220 km
  • Lago Maggiore ca. 250 km
  • Orta-See ca. 230 km